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River & Stone Tea

Asahi Natural Ceremonial Matcha. Stone-Milled in USA. Tencha from Uji, Japan.

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The spring 2022 Asahi harvest is a great example of how cultivars change from year-to-year. The 2022 harvest is the most complex single cultivar matcha we've tasted. It delivers incredible umami flavors and amazing creaminess, with top notes of black pepper and dried herbs.

This Asahi is grown by Uji's foremost organic tencha farmer, whose products are used in Kyoto's oldest tea house. For reference, it seems that the Asahi cultivar is the basis of almost all award-winning matcha these days, as the cultivar is capable of such depth on its own. Asahi is our farmer's mainstay, and he has done truly remarkable things with it! 

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