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River & Stone Tea

Gokou Natural Ceremonial Matcha

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Stunningly floral matcha - a flavor only possible when matcha is freshly-milled.  

A bowl of okumidori ceremonial matcha.

What is Gokou?

Gokou matcha may be our most floral matcha yet! Gokou is a somewhat uncommon cultivar that is used for shaded teas, so matcha is very much in its wheelhouse. The aromatic top notes of this tea are remarkable, leaving a long, floral finish on top of a creamy base.

Freshness Makes This Matcha Possible

Farmed in Wazuka, Uji without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and milled fresh by us in Minneapolis in order to preserve the highest amount of delicate aromatics. Those subtle floral and fruit notes tend to be the first things to degrade with older matcha, so we find this matcha to be a particular good example of what a difference freshness makes! 

The perfect cultivar, however you enjoy your matcha.

This Ceremonial Grade Matcha makes an excellent thin and thick tea, and is strong enough to stand out even when mixed into a latte.  

Smooth, creamy, but also complex and interesting - this is the perfect matcha for beginners and experts alike.

How we ensure the freshest matcha possible.

Local Milling

When matcha is milled and shipped overseas, fluctuations in humidity and temperature can degrade it on its journey to the consumer.


Each tin of matcha is milled-to-order by us in Minneapolis, ensuring the most aromatic and complex matcha possible.


We immediately seal all matcha in air-tight metallic packets with oxygen absorbing packets. These then go into our air-tight tins, which are filled with inert Argon gas.

Rapid Shipping

We aim to ship all tins within 24 hours of milling. If an order comes through on a Friday, we will wait until the next business day to mill, so it can move through the carrier's system immediately.

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