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River & Stone Tea

Okumidori Natural Ceremonial Matcha. Stone-Milled in USA. Tencha from Uji, Japan.

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Tasting Notes

The spring 2022 Okumidori harvest is smooth and floral, and full of savory parsnip and nori notes. This is a very "easy" matcha to enjoy - especially for those who don't love the "spicy" notes of some matcha, and pairs really well with a sweet snack like mochi. This is also our "creamiest" matcha - in particular, this year's batch is very weighty in the mouth, and makes a sublime koicha, or thick matcha. 

Taste: Sweet cream, croissant,  parsnip, and a subtle floral finish.  

Texture: By far the creamiest matcha we have. 

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