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River & Stone Tea

Plum Blossom Blend Matcha Powder

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For a while we’ve been wanting to make a highly floral matcha blend. With the arrival of a few new cultivars, it seems we did just that! A blend of Okumidori, premium Okumidori, and Zairai, this matcha is not only fragrantly floral, but soft and fluffy on the palate, reminding us of freshly steamed buns. Funnily enough, brewing up actual plum blossoms creates a steamed bun flavor too, so this matcha seems to have truly earned the name “Plum Blossom.” 


Plum blossoms are, of course, floral tasting, but also brew up with a unique steamed bun flavor. This blend really hits all those notes and is so soft and fluffy on the tongue that I keep drinking far more than I should.

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