Collection: Matcha Bowls

Find here a selection of our favorite matcha tea bowls! 

The matcha bowl, or chawan, is a critical component of both the Japanese tea ceremony and enjoying matcha at home. You prepare your tea in it as well as drink out of it. It is important to have a wide, flat bottom and high sides - this ensures optimal whisking with minimal messiness. It also means you won't be bashing your whisk against the sides of the bowl as aggressively, keeping it in better condition. 

On another level, choosing a bowl that appeals to you aesthetically is important in-and-of-itself. Drinking matcha derives much of its calming power from the fact that drinking it is a total sensory experience. The taste is complex, the aroma intoxicating, the texture of the tea is creamy, and the bowl feels pleasant to hold. The bright green tea in a bowl you love is a delight to see. Even the sound of the water simmering is traditionally supposed to remind one of "wind in the pines." So really, having a nice chawan is about much more than functionality alone. 

Although you can't really assess the feel of the chawan in your hands through a computer screen, you can be sure that our options are texturally distinct, hefty, and have good thermal insulating properties. 

Hand-made bowls are all distinct, and naturally vary from one bowl to the next. 

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