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This is matcha as it was meant to be.

Freshness is critical, but most matcha is stale. That's why we imported our hand-carved granite matcha mills from Japan to our shop in Minnesota and source the highest quality tea leaves (tencha) from natural farmers in Uji, in Japan's Kyoto Prefecture, home of the world's most respected growers.

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    Receive 20g tins of three of our most popular cultivars - Gokou, Okumidori and Asahi so you can taste and compare them side-by-side!  Harvested in Spring of 2023 and milled fresh just before shipping!

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    Enjoy the ritual of matcha prepared in the traditional way.  This beautiful set includes a bamboo matcha bowl, matcha storage container, bamboo whisk, scoop and spoon, a towel, whisk stand and bamboo tray. 

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  • A shot of a brush brushing matcha from a matcha mill.


    Sign up and receive rotating cultivars and blends of freshly milled matcha, including some of our rare offerings, delivered each month directly to your door at discounted prices!

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  • Rows of tea plants grown under shade

    Source the Best Tencha

    River & Stone works closely with the best natural farmers in Uji Japan to source the highest quality tea leaves. Our farmers have standards higher than those for normal organic matcha, since they don't use pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or sprays of any kind.

  • Loose leaf tencha

    Prepare the Tencha

    We hold all of our tencha in cold storage here in Minnesota. When we need to use it, we carefully remove the stems and veins of the leaves, sifting them several times to ensure that only pure leaf material goes into our mill.

  • Close up of the matcha mill in action.


    We mill every tin of matcha to-order to maximize freshness. The mill only runs at about 40 grams per hour, making for a very laborious process. It is well worth it, as milling fresh matcha slowly ensures a very fine particle size and a greater range of aromatics in the finished tea.

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