Matcha Wholesale - Bulk and Retail

River & Stone Tea is the largest producer of freshly milled matcha powder in the United States, and produces the highest quality, ceremonial grade matcha powder avaiable anywhere in the world. Whether you're interested in reselling tins of matcha or purchasing matcha powder in bulk for use in your baked goods or beverages, we would love to discuss your plans!

Matcha Mill

20g Matcha Tins

  • Ten tins per carton
  • One cultivar per carton
  • Asahi, Okumidori and Samidori cultivars
  • Fast shipping
  • POS Signage

Bulk Matcha

  • Ceremonial grade. Note that we do not produce culinary grade matcha.
  • Sold per Kg
  • Asahi, Okumidori and Samidori cultivars
  • Bulk packaging
  • Fast shipping

Please contact to learn more and to receive samples.

Thank You!