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Matcha Lover Gift Set - Matcha Included

Matcha Lover Gift Set - Matcha Included

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This Matcha Lover Gift Set provides all the essentials for an avid matcha enthusiast.

Featuring a choice of one higher end bowl crafted for matcha connoisseurs, this set includes everything needed to make a bowl of top-notch matcha.

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    The Bamboo matcha set in its box

    Everything needed for the best matcha possible.

    Find here everything you need to enjoy the ritual and satisfaction of authentic matcha. This beautiful matcha set includes a handmade bamboo matcha bowl, matcha storage container, bamboo whisk, scoop and spoon, a towel, whisk stand and bamboo tray. All bamboo items are made from real bamboo.

    A tin of Gokou ceremonial grade matcha on a wood table.

    With or Without Matcha

    This set can be upgraded to receive a discounted tin of our milled-to-order ceremonial grade matcha.

    Explore Our Matcha

    Get your matcha ritual started off right.

    This set is an easy way to bring the calm of the tea ceremony into your daily life. As you whisk the tea, smell the aromas and experience the complexity of expertly-made matcha, it's impossible not to be transported. Matcha is, put simply, a true delight to all the senses.

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      Your 20 gram tin is milled-to-order and immediately packaged in an air-tight cannister before being shipped.