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River & Stone Tea

Mill City Blend Natural Ceremonial Matcha. Stone-Milled in USA. Tencha from Uji, Japan.

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Mill City Blend is our own ceremonial matcha blend of the Asahi and Okumidori cultivars. It create a beautifully balanced flavor profile with umami, vegetal and spicy notes.

It feels like a very complete matcha experience. It hits on all points of the mouth, from the entry to the finish. This makes it a deeply satisfying and balanced tea. It is the perfect ceremonial grade matcha for both thin and thick tea.

Like all of our matcha, this one is made from tencha (shade grown tea leaves) that was naturally farmed in Uji Japan without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This goes far beyond the requirements of standard organic matcha, which still allows some sprays to be used. But we think natural matcha is well worth the increase in complexity and sustainability.

We import the tencha ourselves and keep it in cold storage in Minnesota until we need it. We mill each tin-to-order in small batches to ensure the highest possible quantity of delicate aromatic compounds. 

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