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Takamine Okumidori

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"Takamine" roughly translates to "pinnacle." That is, the tencha for this Okumidori matcha was graded by the grower to be of particularly high quality. The farmer for this tencha also produces our Asahi and Somada Okumidori. He is Uji's foremost Biodynamic/natural farmer, and rapidly making a name for himself as a producer of the finest tencha available.


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Takamine Okumidori

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What sets our matcha apart?

  • All of our matcha - including each sampler set - is milled-to-order from the finest Wazuka Tencha.

  • We insist on starting only with naturally-farmed Tencha, grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

  • Milling the matcha fresh ensures the highest concentration of aromatic and beneficial compounds, making for a healthier and more complex tea.

  • We mostly highlight single Cultivar matcha. This means that each batch is different from the next, and regional and seasonal variation gets a chance to truly shine in each of our teas.

What is Okumidori?

Okumidori is a popular cultivar known for its consistently creamy texture and subtle floral finish. This makes it the most approachable cultivar we've come across, and a very easy drinker!

A bowl of okumidori ceremonial matcha.

Takamine versus Somada Okumidori

The difference between the Takamine and Somada Okumidori is one of terroir. The Takamine comes from the same tea field (in Somada, Wazuka) but these bushes are grown on a steeper section of the field. Even just this very subtle difference makes for a noticeably different tea - the Takamine Okumidori is probably the creamiest, smoothest matcha we have had. It fills the mouth with a nice savory, mouth-watering sensation, and leaves a touch of floral notes on the exhale. 

Somada is a sub-region of Wazuka, which is the main tea-growing town of Uji, the birthplace of matcha. These subdivisions each have different qualities, much like different tea mountains in Yunnan, or Appellations in wine regions like Bordeaux. 


As with all of our matcha, our Okumidori is milled-to-order to ensure the highest degree of complexity and beneficial compounds. To preserve our tea's freshness, we immediately package it with oxygen absorbers in heat-sealed packets that have been flushed with argon gas, then ship within 24 hours of milling.