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River & Stone Tea

Okumidori of Somada Ceremonial Matcha

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Somada is a sub-region of Wazuka, the main tea town of Uji. This Okumidori is grown there by the same farmer who grows our Asahi and Takamine Okumidori. This farmer is quickly becoming renowned in Uji for his success using natural farming methods to make outstanding tencha.

In fact, the tencha for this tea shares a field with the Takamine, the only difference between the two batches being one of slope steepness. This batch comes from a less steep portion of the field, which, perhaps surprisingly, makes a big difference! The result is a notably complex Okumidori matcha, with notes of cashew, toasted nori, and sweet cream. 

As always, we mill this matcha to-order here, in Minneapolis, preserving the highest amount of aromatic and health-promoting compounds. 

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